Lizzie Snow is a 23 year old artist, working under her artist name 'fortyonehundred'.
Inspired by fractals in nature, Lizzie creates contemporary explorations of the mandala and free flowing artworks. Lizzie creates original artworks, paints large scale murals, and releases limited edition prints & collectables. Lizzie is a New Zealander, now based in Tofino, BC, Canada.


About my artwork

My artwork work is inspired by nature, in particular - Fractals - the ever-repeating patterns found all throughout our universe. Through my work I explore ideas surrounding interconnection and the human experience.

Fractal patterning is the foundation of all matter in our universe. Fractals are the shape of randomness - chaotic patterns that are characterised by scaled similarity. Fractals are the very essence of our DNA, nature, time and space. Examples of fractals are in the patterns of our nerves and lungs, of our brain’s neurons, of snowflakes, leaf veins, branching trees, flowing rivers, coastal edges, lightening bolts, weather patterns, galaxy formations, everything natural in our universe.

Once you start noticing these patterns, they start showing up everywhere, allowing the viewer to draw connections between the pattern of their skin to that of tree bark, to the make up of our social systems and so forth. Fractal patterning allows us to see and visualise the unbreakable and immense interconnection between humans and nature.

A mandala is a circular, intricate orb of organized chaos that can be seen as a manifestation of fractal patterning. The mandala is a fascinating concept, art form, metaphor, tool and artifact throughout the human experience. Characterised by circularity, scaling, self-similarity, repetition and symmetry, the mandala literally means ‘circle’ and represents the universe. The mandala is present all throughout our natural world - the earth, snowflakes, flowers, galaxies and every atom that exists. The mandala is a natural and social phenomenon, transcending culture. Examples of civilizations engaging with this worldwide art form includes the well-known Tibetan Buddhist Mandala, Christian stained-glass windows, Pacific island designs, Celtic knots, Persian tiling, European mosaic works, Australian Aboriginal patterns, Indian artworks, North American dream catchers and many other manifestations of this universal design. In nature, examples of the mandala can be seen in the sun, in shells, in cross sections of microorganisms and in weather systems. I am fascinated in creating my own patterns, inspired by those in our natural world. We are all interconnected, and this is the driving force behind my creative practice. 

“The mandala is the key to the link between our conscious awareness and the universe itself. It shows us back to the origins of humanity, to the birth of matter and energy. In an eloquent poem without words, it reveals to us that we are inextricably linked to the universe as a leaf to a vast and ancient tree” (Barreda, 2008)

In contemporary society there has been a philosophical divide between between humanity and the environment that we are part of, leading to the creation and awareness of the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene is the new geological epoch we have entered into - characterised by human dominance and destruction.This recognition has brought to the forefront the division between humans and nature and the ecological consequences of this paradigm shift. Throughout human history, art has been a tool of communication and documentation, exploring and recording the human experience. In confronting the enormity of these challenges, there has never been a time so crucial to create artwork as inquiry into the weaving of consciousness between the planet and our human existence.

Through my practice I am interested in creating artwork that acts as a facilitator, encouraging people to engage with the reality that we are part of the larger system and to navigate these ideas in a positive way. I believe that emotional connection and education are the first steps towards practical change to help our environment, and that these visual creations can be this successful medium.


Collaboration is a core part of my experience and practice as an artist. I have collaborated with brands such as Lululemon, Converse, Topshop, 3WiseMen, All Birds, TEDx, Victoria University, Peugeot, AllBirds, Crafters Union Wines & SkillShare. I am proud to have been a brand ambassador for Lululemon New Zealand in 2017 & 2018.

My artwork has allowed me to support non-profit organisations. I am honoured to have supported ThinkLadder, YouthLine, InsideOut, the Cameron Wilson Trust, Shakti Wellington Women’s refuge, Wellington Women's Refuge, Kapiti Youth Support and Rainbow Youth.

I paint murals internationally, having recently painted in Canada, America and New Zealand.  I interact daily with my social media community of over 100,000 people, displaying & selling my artwork directly through my website, Instagram and Facebook pages. 

I have been part of 10 group exhibitions, and have recently held my First Solo Exhibition at the Potocki Paterson Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand.


Master of Fine Arts
-       Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
-       Individual study: Fractals; Art, Nature and Human Connection

Bachelor of Design Innovation
-       Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
-       Majoring in Design for Social Innovation: Minoring in Philosophy


Here are answers to some of the questions I’m asked regularly

What does ‘fortyonehundred’ mean?
41 is the latitude coordinate of Wellington, New Zealand - the place where I started my career as an artist.
100 is a number that represents wholeness - linking back to my contemporary exploration of the mandala, where wholeness and completion are strong themes within my artwork.
I chose a number as I’m interested in the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio - how it is the basis behind natural patterning and sacred geometry. My artwork touches on the fusion between art, science, nature and human society.

Where are you based?
I am based in Tofino, BC, Canada. I am a New Zealander, previously based in Auckland & Wellington, NZ
I am a New Zealander & A Canadian.
I was born in Canada, but my whole family are New Zealanders and I have lived in New Zealand my whole life up until recently.
I continue to work with my NZ clients, and clients from around the world.

Shipping/Currencies/Online orders:
I ship worldwide using Canada Post. I offer tracked & untracked shipping options.
My website is set to CAD but I accept all currencies - my website will do the exchange for you automatically.
Untracked options are not insured, replaceable or refundable if lost or damaged in the post.
Please choose tracked shipping for guaranteed arrival & security of your purchase!

What papers/pens do you use?
HERE is a list of all the materials and products I use