What does ‘fortyonehundred’ mean?
41 is the latitude coordinate of Wellington, New Zealand - the place where I started my career as an artist.
100 is a number that represents wholeness - linking back to my contemporary exploration of the mandala, where wholeness and completion are strong themes within my artwork.
I chose a number as I’m interested in the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio - how it is the basis behind natural patterning and sacred geometry. My artwork touches on the fusion between art, science, nature and human society.

Where are you based?
I am based in Tofino, BC, Canada. I am a New Zealander, previously based in Auckland & Wellington, NZ
I am a New Zealander & A Canadian.
I was born in Canada, but my whole family are New Zealanders and I have lived in New Zealand my whole life up until recently.
I continue to work with my NZ clients, and clients from around the world.

Shipping/Currencies/Online orders:
I ship worldwide using Canada Post. I offer tracked & untracked shipping options.
My website is set to CAD but I accept all currencies - my website will do the exchange for you automatically.
Untracked options are not insured, replaceable or refundable if lost or damaged in the post.
Please choose tracked shipping for guaranteed arrival & security of your purchase!

What papers/pens do you use?
HERE is a list of all the materials and products I use

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