The Awakening Mandala

The Awakening Mandala3_1.jpg
The Awakening Mandala3_1.jpg

The Awakening Mandala


The Awakening Mandala
fortyonehundred, 2019

- Limited Edition of 50
- Size: 11”x14” / 27.9x35.5cm
- Highest quality, giclée, fine art prints
- Signed & numbered
- Unframed
- Archival & acid free ink, packaging and paper (400gsm)
- Packaging made from recycled content, can be reused/recycled after artwork framed
- Original Artwork available

About the artwork
The Awakening Mandala is about the daily conscious decision and challenge to try and be better than the day before. Thinking more positively, being kinder to others, being kinder to yourself, aligning behaviour with values, exercising actions that better your future. The Awakening Mandala is a reminder that this is a process. It’s a constant journey that becomes better and easier with practice.

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