My name is Lizzie Snow. I am a 22 year old artist working under my artist name ‘fortyonehundred’.

I have spent my whole life in New Zealand but have recently moved to Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
I return to New Zealand regularly for commissioned murals and to work with my NZ clients.
I am joined by my dog George who is a wonderful little creature and a very helpful art assistant.

About my artwork

My artwork is characterised by intricate patterns inspired by fractals in nature, exploring ideas surrounding interconnection and the human experience. I specialise in contemporary explorations of the mandala and free-flow murals, illustration, original artworks and limited edition prints & products.

I paint murals internationally, having recently painted in Canada, America and New Zealand.  I interact daily with my social media community of over 100,000 people, displaying & selling my artwork directly through my website, Instagram and Facebook pages. 


Collaboration is a core part of my experience and practice as an artist. I have collaborated with brands such as Lululemon, Converse, Topshop, 3WiseMen, All Birds, TEDx, Victoria University, Peugeot, AllBirds & SkillShare. I am proud to have been a brand ambassador for Lululemon New Zealand. 

My artwork has allowed me to support non-profit organisations. I am honoured to have supported ThinkLadder, YouthLine, InsideOut, the Cameron Wilson Trust, Shakti Wellington Women’s refuge, Wellington Women's Refuge,  Kapiti Youth Support and Rainbow Youth.


Master of Fine Arts - with Distinction
-       Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
-       Individual study: Fractals in art & nature

Bachelor of Design Innovation
-       Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
-       Majoring in Social Innovation, Minoring in Philosophy



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